This collection of fourteen flash fiction and short stories offer unique and curious tales with dark themes. Exposing the darker side of life whether in familiar settings or in strange worlds, expect interesting twists and unexpected turns.

SciFi, fantasy, and a touch of horror weave throughout these original stories. Murderous beings, deranged customers, dragons bent on self preservation, questing knights, alien contact and more mysterious creatures feature in this second collection of original fiction by author Jason J. Nugent.


This is the second collection of flash-fiction short stories written by a very talented author.  The stories are short, so they need to get to the point quickly.  I feel this takes a certain level of talent not normally found in a lot of authors.  You need to engage the audience quickly, make them care, and finish the story leaving them satisfied.  Jason Nugent is an author with this rare talent.

I very much enjoyed reading this collection.  The collection starts with Cat Got Your Tongue?  I found this story to be highly entertaining, ending with a nice twist I wasn’t expecting.  The collection ends with The Arc Device, a story that tickles the ‘time-travelers’ fancy, without going too deep to cause confusion. These two stories are two of my favorites in a collection of fourteen shorts.

Now I can’t honestly say I liked them all, but everyone likes something different.  Such is the way of collections.  That being said, I would highly recommend this collection to anyone that likes Fantasy, Science Fiction and maybe even Horror.  The stories will appeal to lovers of all these genre, and maybe even others.

Well done.

4.5 of 5 Stars (rounds to 5)