Imagination can create – or it can destroy. Sam Little, a wildly imaginative ten-year old boy, holds that power in his mind. In an effort to cope in the ordinary world, Sam makes one heartfelt wish to make his imagination real. He doesn’t quite realize the seriousness of his wish until his once imaginary, but now quite real friend, Yetews, unexpectedly draws him into the hidden world of Imagia. Though he believes that he is merely on an adventure of his own creating, he begins to see that he’s wrong. What begins as an exciting adventure quickly spirals into a waking nightmare.

With the help of his Guardian and the friends he makes along the way, he discovers just how powerful imagination is and how dangerous it can be when used by the wrong mind. His unique ability will alter the course of his life and change the very world he’s in. Once he finds that he’s been brought into this world in the midst of dark and dangerous times, he’s forced upon a decision that no child should be forced to make – return home, or become one of the lost children in Imagia forever.

I thoroughly enjoyed Gateway to Imagia: The Tale of Sam Little. I must confess, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it at first. A story about a 10-year old boy and his imaginary friend seemed a bit ‘young’ for my reading taste, but I was quickly mistaken. This imaginative tale was full of action, emotion and great characters. The plot of the story draws you in and keeps you wanting more. The characters are well written and vivid in their portrayal. When they hurt, you know it. When they’re surprised, you are too. Besides, Yewtew Rocks…and if you don’t know who that it, you simply need to read the book. I’d recommend this book to anyone 10 and up. There is a bit of violence, but it is well-written enough for the younger crowd. I enjoyed this book, and I think you would too.
5 of 5 Stars