When Clary Ferrie’s school closes down, she is forced to finish her final junior year in a neighbouring village school.
Why does Clary’s new teacher make her life a misery from the start of term, and why does she have a strange fixation with Clary’s hair?
Have the evil Unseelie discovered a way of gaining back the powers that were removed from them upon their banishment from Seelie?
Clary finds herself in mortal danger – can the King of Seelie help her before it’s too late?

The Seelie Princess is a very well written story for the Urban Fantasy loving “tween” in your life. Although not normally my “age” of book, I was made aware of this story by people I trust and they were right.

This story follows the life of Clary Ferrie, a young girl that needs to change schools after her former school closes. For some reason, her new teacher Mrs. De’ath does not like her…not one bit. As time passes, we find out that she is related to the King of the Seelie court…and she is in danger.

This book is very well written with likeable characters and a fun/intriguing storyline. The writing style is very simple, and I say that as a compliment. Having three kids, I’ve read a lot of books for/with them and feel this is written in a style that is easy for a younger crowd to read and understand.

If you like fairies, princesses, action and a good YA Urban Fantasy storyline, then this book is for you. I’d recommend it for kids, both boys and girls, between 9-12 years, though older and younger will enjoy it as well.

4 of 5 Stars