Horror! Adventure! People getting slapped with fish!

Nineteen-year-old peasant Ebb wants nothing more out of life than to go fishing early in the morning and then sleep through the other 75% of the day. Her routine is disturbed when she catches the immortal talking Omnifish on the same morning that King Crust III is found murdered, brutally fish-slapped to death in his bedroom. The throne is claimed by the scheming Lady Tuskborn, who is also known as the Walrus Witch for her devotion to the ancient walrus god Walros, and Ebb finds herself dragged into the Walrus Witch’s conspiracy when she is falsely accused of regicide.

Accompanied by King Crust’s daughter Paistra and the serial adventurer Yawp the Barbarian, Ebb must journey through the kingdom of Drownvale as an outlaw to unravel the mystery of the Omnifish and her apparent significance as something called the ‘Fishlass.’ To face the assassins, cultists, and monsters that mean to see her dead, Ebb wields the only weapon she has- the Omnifish itself.

First off, I enjoyed this book. Secondly, I am had a hard time reviewing this book.
Reign of the Walrus Witch was a fun read, full of groan-worthy puns. I even laughed out loud at one of them (Detrite – The Rotor City…HA!). Even though it was packed full of good and bad puns, which I thoroughly enjoy, it had some issues. Was it enough to save the whole of the book? Sort of.
I enjoyed the characters and the interaction between them. Dialogue was good and the story line was imaginative, but there was a LOT going on in a very short time. So much so, that I had a hard time believing it would all have happened in the amount of time the story line called for. There was just too much travel and too much time unconscious / passed-out for everything to happen in a day. But maybe that was just me.
The grammar in the book was in need of attention too. There were a lot of typographical errors. One character in particular, I didn’t really know if it was a male or female, as it switched from ‘he’ to ‘she’ often.
So did all that kill the book for me? No. It was really fun. I enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone that likes a laugh with their ‘Fantasy-lite’ story. It had moments of brilliance, yet some moments were grammatically challenging. Still in all, I’d read the sequel when/if it comes out.
3.25 of 5 Stars (Rounds to 3)