When the world ends, it won’t be due to a nuclear fallout, or a man-made virus, or even a dominant visiting alien species. It will be because a NEW world is beginning.

In seven days God created the world. This God will destroy it in even less.
Will You Survive The Creation?

Deep in the jungles of the Amazon Rainforest, a dying botanist has begun a search that could change the fate of humanity forever. Joining depraved scientists and ruthless mercenaries, he seeks to overcome humanity’s one common enemy: Mortality.
Meanwhile, plans have been laid by an eco-revolutionary group, led by rebel Faye Moanna, to put an end to the illegal deforestation taking place in the Amazon. But her true motives may compromise much more than their sociopolitical agenda.
Because a frightening power is stirring in the Amazon, an event beginning that only occurred once in the history of the Earth — during its process of Creation. And it will take more than tenacity and ingenuity to survive the coming seven days.
For in order to Create, one must first Destroy.


Science Fiction? Horror? Thriller?  Fantasy?  I’ve no idea what genre to categorize this book with.  I do know that it left me wanting more.  Good thing there is a part two already available.

The Creation – Part One: Axis Mundi is a very well-written book of some sort of genre.  The Behrg is a very talented author, able to paint you a picture and draw you into the story without wasting words; I like that.  The characters are believable. You come to know them, understand them, and have interest in how the story-line affects them.

I’ve read a few stories from The Behrg, and this is, by far, my favorite to date.  It kept me reading, even when it was way too late in the night for me to be doing so.  It takes a look at religious beliefs without throwing stones; a difficult task to be sure.  There is a fairly major cliffhanger with the story-line at the end of the book. I know that bothers some readers, but not me.  Stories with cliffhangers that are only intended to sell the next book in the series can be a negative.  This is not one of those situations.  This cliffhanger is critical, and really quite intriguing.

All in all, I enjoyed this book.  I went out and bought the second in the series just as soon as I finished this one.  I recommend this book to anyone that likes a good story that is lovingly crafted by an excellent author.

4.5 of 5 Stars (rounds to 5)