No longer answering to the Galactic leaders, Strategic Aerospace Command (SACOM) has evolved into an independent, powerful de facto government themselves. Disregarding civil law, they make and enforce their regulations using security forces and military tribunals. Against his better judgment, Carl Wilkins accepts a salvage contract that promises to make him rich. Aboard the salvage vessel Independence, he and his crew depart to retrieve valuable materials from three SACOM battle cruisers recently abandoned in deep space after their destruction by the Xetians, a hostile alien race. But just days into the mission, a mishap leaves one team contaminated with lethal radioactive debris. As the crew struggles to get their stricken friends aboard the Independence, the Xetians return, and Carl must act quickly to save his crew. Soon he learns that this misfortune was no accident. Someone in SACOM set him up to fail, but why? His only hope of survival is to allow himself to be drawn into a massive conspiracy against SACOM. Piloting the Phoenix, a specially converted space freighter, Carl embarks on a perilous solo mission to prevent SACOM from building a super-weapon capable of destroying an entire star system. Veronica Phoenix will take you on a suspenseful and action-packed journey across the galaxy as Carl Wilkins fights to stop SACOM and to rebuild his shattered life.
Veronica Phoenix was a good Science Fiction story. I enjoyed it throughout. Carl Wilkins is a salvager that is employed to collect items from SACOM cruisers that were nearly destroyed in an ambush. What Carl doesn’t know is that he is being set up.
The story follows how Carl deals with a major loss in his life and whether or not he will make the ‘right’ choice when faced with the facts. The story is paced just right with sufficient action, dialogue and twists to keep the reader engaged. The characters are genuine, allowing the reader to become attached…you want to see what will happen to them as the story progresses.
As I read the story, I felt I was going to be disappointed in the ending, but with a few keystrokes, the author threw in a twist that changed my preception of how it would end. I was satisfied with the outcome, although I felt the ending was sort of abrupt. All in all, I felt this was a well written book and would recommend it to any Science Fiction fans out there.
4 of 5 Stars