The Vyrmin Will Rise…
Hidden among us are the wicked. Their vile deeds have been retold from generation to generation down through the ages.
They are hidden among us—evil men and women, always dangerous, always Wild.
They are hidden among us—and they become beasts…during the Dark Times.

The Blood Prince Awakens…
One man is the key. He will renew the Hunt. But who is the Blood Prince? What horrific things happen when he enters the woods? Can anyone stop him? Will anyone even try?

The Dark Times are Nigh…
When the beasts that are men return to the Wild.
When the beasts that are men return to the Hunt.
When the Blood Prince takes the hand of his demon lover in the sky.
When the screaming starts under the cold silver gaze of a pitiless, hungry moon.

The Vyrmin Will Feed!

I’ve been in a mood to read horror stories lately. Sure, it was probably helped by it being at or near Halloween, and this book fit the bill perfectly.
Vyrmin is a wonderfully written book, based on the werewolf stories from the ‘old country’.  The location, plot, characters and story-line are well done.  I enjoyed getting to know the characters, as well as some very interesting history spun into the story.  I personally love the old folk stories used to scare children, and so, apparently, does this author.  It was a real page turner.
I’m not saying everything was great with this book.  I found well over two dozen instances where grammar was an issue; ‘hers’ instead of ‘here’, ‘I’ instead of ‘it’.  Nothing that a solid read-through wouldn’t fix, but it was a bit annoying.  And there were a lot of flash backs, which at time, were hard to follow.  My last gripe is that two of the main characters had, in my opinion, similar names: Conway and Connor.  The story jumped back and forth between the two so much at points, that I had difficulty following who was who. Could just be me.
All that being said, I still very much enjoyed this book.  I had a hard time putting it down, once I picked it up, and struggled with my life’s schedule to find time to read it.  It really was that good.  And the ending!!! Did not see that coming.  The way the author mixed in old folk stories with his own creative mix…wow.
All in all, I’d give this book a 4.25 of 5 Stars (rounds to 4)