War is coming. It’s time to look to the past for clues…

It was the year 7529, 68 years before the events of Dragon’s Fire. Absell & Arden, two Drakari priests, leave their jungle paradise of Karthusa, on a quest to recover a long lost artifact. An artifact so powerful, so dangerous, it would forever alter the course of history. As they draw closer to their prize, they dig into the artifact’s past, and the pivotal moments in history it altered. So began their quest for the Elder Stone.

This novella is a prequel to Dragon’s Fire



The Chronicles of Aurion is a very well-written book.  Though not the longest book I’ve ever read, it is packed full of action.  The story follows a priest named Absell and his priest-in-training Arden as they set sail on an adventure.  To kill the time on ship, Absell tells Arden stories about the acquisition of the Elder Stones by an evil Queen in the past.  That’s about as much spoiler as you’ll ever get from me.

The stories the priest tells while on the voyage serve as background to the authors previously released novel Dragon’s Fire (Beating Back the Darkness).  Having read Dragon’s Fire, I am now able to piece things together.  Both books easily stand on their own merits, but I like the fact that the author took the time to write a bit of a prequel.

Characters are well-written, the story-line is well-developed and the prose is smooth and seamless.  It was an easy read I couldn’t put down.  There is sufficient fighting, magic and nasty creatures to attract anyone that loves Fantasy.  I liked Hebert’s first book, and I like this one as well.

Nicely done.

4.5 of 5 Stars (rounds to 5)