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Saga of Menyoral

Hello Em and Em’s audience! I’m Jen Ponce and I’m here to talk about my home away from home: Midia.

Midia is the world where Devany Miller discovers magic for the first time. It’s a world that exists in a universe parallel to our own, a world separated from us by the Slip—the dwelling place of the demon-like Skriven. You can read more about how Devany found her way to Midia in the Bazaar. For this post, I’ll give you a peek at the creation story Wydlings tell around their fires on First day.

Long ago, long before the Witch King stole the Spider Queen’s eyes and took her egg sac, long before the Spider Queen herself was a queen, there was a web made of star dust that stretched into infinity. On this web ran a cosmic spider of a size so immense as to be incomprehensible to…

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