Cannibal Hearts is the sequel to Misha Burnett’s first novel, Catskinner’s Book.

A year ago James Ozryck was a loner, forced to keep the world at bay by the alien entity he calls Catskinner who shares his body. Now he has found a community of others whose lives have been changed by the Outsiders.

Along with Godiva, his half-human lover, James runs a property management company that serves as a front company for Outsider activities.

When the pair’s mysterious boss, Agony Delapour suddenly shows up in town with a new project, however, things gets dangerous fast as events unfold that threaten the life that they have made.

Review (originally from April 2015):

I just finished reading Cannibal Hearts by Misha Burnett, and I’m confused. It has nothing to do with the story-line, which is great. It has to do with what genre this book should be in. My personality is such that I like to compartmentalize things. This book is challenging.
James, the main character, has an alien life-form living in his body. It was trapped there by James’ parents when he was a child. The alien life-form, known as Catskinner, can take control and perform superhuman things, but what he does best is kill to protect James. So you have some Science Fiction, since there is aliens. The setting of the story is modern times. Urban. And since there are some seriously strange powers at play during the story, you could put it into the Fantasy realm. Add to that the Ambimorphs; beautiful human females that have a symbiotic relationship with an alien plant-form that morphs them into something not quite female, not quite male, but oozing sexuality out of their pores…literally.
So far you have an Urban Science Slightly Erotic Fantasy Fiction story. So basically it has everything. To ease my mind, I will call it Urban Fantasy with a Twist.
The author is a brilliant writer. I found myself unable to put this book down. Burnett has a style of writing that draws the reader into the story without excessive amounts of descriptive words. Don’t get me wrong, Burnett is very capable of painting a mental image with his writing. He can, and will use these writing skills when the story dictates, but it is not excessive.
Having read the first book in the series, Catskinner’s Book, I felt the second book in the series followed the first quite readily. You can see the characters develop even further with this effort. I enjoyed the first book immensely, and can say the same about the second. The story of James and his place in the world keeps getting bigger and more in depth. You find you are truly drawn in by his story and you are totally invested in his life.
This second book added a few twists to the story-line that I didn’t see coming. It introduced a few things that I’m sure we will get to read about in the third book of the series, and I can’t wait. Cannibal Hearts is a fulfilling story in and of itself, but it also leaves a few questions unanswered, thus drawing you in even more.
I am thoroughly impressed with this author and highly recommend this book, and series, to anyone that is open minded enough to take a chance on a book that doesn’t fit neatly into any single mold. I know you won’t regret it.

5 of 5 Stars