Our world could have been so very different…

Eight stories take us on a journey into how our world could have been. What if the nukes had flown that day over Cuba? What if Caesar had survived? Imagine the Tunguska meteor with a different outcome. What if there was a true story behind HG Wells’ most famous tale? See the world as it might have been if China discovered the New World first. And what if all of this was never meant to be and dinosaurs ruled the Earth?

Authors Jessica Holmes, Daniel M. Bensen, Terri Pray, Rob Edwards, Maria Haskins, Cathbad Maponus, Leo McBride, and collaborators Brent A. Harris and Ricardo Victoria show us the world that might have been – if the butterfly’s wings had fluttered a different way, if the world changed between heartbeats, if a moment of decision saw another choice.

This is the fourth anthology from Inklings Press, aiming to provide a platform for new and upcoming authors and to open the door onto different worlds.


Where to begin…

This wonderfully-written collection of short stories was both depressing and hopeful.  Tales From Alternate Earths is a collection of stories from a variety of authors consisting of their take on alternatives to historic events, unrealized possibilities or a flat-out ‘what ifs’.  Although many of the stories had, in my opinion, sad outcomes, there were still points during my reading that I considered life and what I have. It made me say, ‘hey, this isn’t so bad.’

Yeah, lots of deep thoughts on this collection, which is a good thing.  Each author has a style all their own, as to be expected with a collection; but one thing is consistent: Talent.  Once again, Inklings Press has put together a solid collection of authors and stories for this, their 4th collection.

I can easily recommend this, and their other collections, to anyone that enjoys Fantasy and Science Fiction.

4.5 of 5 Stars (rounds to 5)