Hair like a waterfall at sunset, skin of pure snow, and a tinkling laugh that sends a shiver up Edmond’s spine. He knows it’s just because of Melinda’s high Charisma, but he doesn’t care. Edmond is in love.

When Melinda is taken by the dragon that lives beneath their town, he knows he has to save her. In books, it’s always the lowly shop boy who succeeds where others have failed. He doesn’t have the Strength of a warrior, the Dexterity of a rogue, or the Wisdom of a magician. He just has his Luck.

Luck and a best friend with muscles like boulder-covered rocks.


Adventure, the second installment of the Dragons and Magic series by Higgins and Cantan is just as enthralling as the first. I couldn’t put this book down. The premise that adventurers are able to see their ‘stats’ by focusing their eyes and looking above their heads is fun; a genius twist on the standard adventure story. The story-line is well thought-out, entertaining and well-written.
This series reminds me of the fun I had reading ‘chose your own adventure’ books in my youth. This is a serious book that doesn’t take itself seriously. A quick, easy read that is engaging, witty and fun. Did I say it was fun yet? Because it is. I highly recommend this series to anyone that isn’t afraid to enjoy themselves when they read Fantasy. I know how some people are so serious…don’t be that way!
5 of 5 Stars