Rex is no hero, he’s just a Hartford bartender with a painfully empty social calendar.

But when he meets a strange, sword-wielding woman who asks him to help her with a dragon problem, he ignores his better judgment and offers whatever assistance he can.

Now, he’s beginning to wonder if he’ll ever see his home again.

Or if he even wants to.


I had no problem reading A Dragon Problem.  This was a fun read.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The main characters, Rex and Kira were a very likeable couple.  I was invested in their story from the start; well-defined and well-written.  The story was fun, though there was a serious back story involved.  And, of course, there were dragons.

There were a few times where it was a bit weird.  The story seemed to be told, at times, by Rex, but it didn’t feel like it was the whole story.  Maybe a bit confusing as to which ‘person’ was speaking.  Still in all, it was a great book.  This didn’t deter my enjoyment, and it won’t deter yours either.  I strongly recommend this book if you enjoy Fantasy and Dragons, and a bit of the average guy wins over the more-than-average woman.

4.25 of 5 Stars (rounds to 4)