When I started this blog back up, after my other one got hacked beyond repair, I told myself I wouldn’t use it for anything other than reviews.  Well, I’m breaking my promise to myself…sort of.

Indie Authors continually amaze me.  There is so much talent out there.  The world needs to know about them.  So let me state, I am NOT paid to do this.  I get NOTHING for doing this, other than a personal satisfaction of maybe helping someone out.  Yeah, I’m that sort of guy.  The authors I promote are truly my favorites. Period.

If I read your work and I like it, you will be promoted by me. Simple as that.  Sure, over the years I have developed a ‘virtual friendship’ with some of these folks, but I’ve only ever met one of the authors I promote.  It just so happens that one of them lives fairly close and we swapped books.  Other than that, I couldn’t probably pick any of them from a lineup…not saying they’d be in a lineup, but maybe…

So yeah, my blog, my promotions, my business.  If it’s something you enjoy, spread the word, so these great authors get more exposure.

Speaking of that, Jason Nugent is a master of flash fiction.  I’ve read his two books and they are great.  It’s his birthday and he is promoting.  Give him a read.


Additionally, I am VERY excited about a book that will soon be out.  Author Jessica Williams has a gift.  She can spin a tale like very few can.  I was fortunate enough to be asked to beta-read the second book of her Imagia stories.  You WILL like it. If you are unfamiliar with her work, follow the link.  It’s great Fantasy for the young Young Adults out there, as well as everyone else that enjoys great Fantasy.