Did that heading get your attention?  I hope so.

I’m writing this in hopes that I can give some small advice to other Indie Authors (cause I’m such an expert…ha ha ha).  I have learned some things, so why shouldn’t you?

This may not be the ultimate way to conquer the world with your writing, but it may help with sales a bit.  I live in the US.  We have our own Amazon site.  Did you know that there are multiple Amazon sites throughout the world?  Honestly, I really didn’t before I found all this out a year or so ago.  Did you also know that if you promote your book using the Amazon.US link, no one can buy your book through that link outside the US? Sure, if they search their own Amazon site with your name, book title, etc. they will find you, but the link itself won’t work.

So, what can be done about this?  Can we somehow make it easier for our potential readers to get our books?  Why yes, there is a way.  Create a Global Link.

Author Nat Russo blogged about this a couple years ago, which is where I learned about it.  Thanks Nat.  And I am living, breathing proof it works.  I increased my ‘meager’ sales to ‘meager +’ sales after doing this.  Now to the examples.

My book The Ancients can be purchased in the US via:

That is a huge link that only works in the US.  Or, I can generate a global link for FREE and publish that link.  So globally, my book The Ancients can be purchased via:


Not only that, but I have an Amazon Author page:


I also have an Amazon Global Author page:


So, how can I do this all for FREE?

Just follow the simple instructions at the site below.  If you want to read Nat’s article, there is a second site that offers this option, but after reviewing both, I liked this one the most.  It’s your call.


There, I hope this help. Now get out there and sell more books.  The world needs Indie Authors!