Having been tricked by Anges De’Ath into allowing the Unseelie back into his peaceful land, the King and the rest of Clary’s family are long gone. The land lies in ruins, its subjects ruled by fear, and Clary and her friend, Sam, live their lives in hiding.
Now teenagers, living in such close proximity is beginning to cause problems for them both. So when Sam, protesting against Clary’s safeguarding rules, allows his pet dragon to fly outside of their safety zone, he unleashes a chain of events that he did not intend.
Can Clary save her best friend, and in doing so, can she save Seelie itself?


This, the third and final book of the series, is a fitting end to a great story.  Having read and enjoyed the first two books of the series, I was excited to see this book finally released.  This series follows a young girl that was raised a human on Earth, not knowing her real heritage.  This final book shows her coming into her adulthood and power.

Once again, I was impressed by the author’s writing ability.  This series is a great series for young readers, but isn’t ‘childlike’, so adults will definitely enjoy it as well.  The characters are very believable and are written is such a way that you are invested in their future.  There is just enough action to keep you reading and a sprinkle of suspense to keep you guessing.

I highly recommend this book for all ages.  Boys and girls, men and women will enjoy this book if you like Fantasy and a good, solid story-line.

4.5 of 5 Stars (rounds to 5)