My name is Mike, and I am a Pokemon Go addict.

It’s been less than an hour since I last played Pokemon Go.  Yes, I understand that I am in the minority for those that still play the game, but I cannot control myself.  Ever since I downloaded it on my phone to spite my kids, as their phones weren’t able to download it at the time, I have been addicted.  Karma’s a bitch.

But seriously, Pokemon Go is, in my opinion, a great example for what the internet can and should be used for.  I have played the game so much, that even though I’ve never met any of the other Team Instinct players in my area, aside from my son, I know I can count on them.  If one of our gyms gets taken over, I know that MetroDude, MissLittrell, TheRealJJ12, Wolffy156 (my son) and Nollinator with be there to help me take it back. It’s like having a virtual posse.

People helping people they don’t know, for the greater good.  The real use for the internet, I think.  And sure, this blog took a quick serious tone, but shouldn’t that be what we all strive for?  Helping others.

So think about what you put out there on the net, it’s there forever.  Thanks for reading this weird post.  Nollinator, MissLittrell, TheRealJJ12, MetroDude and Wolffy156, just know I got your back.  And we’ll take that gym back together.


(a.k.a. – HarryButtflew, Team Instinct Level 31 Pokemon Trainer)