Being a superhero isn’t all it’s cut out to be.

That’s what Greg Buchanan finds out after donning the Johnny Saturn mask. Couple that with being a manic-depressive cop with a death wish and being Johnny Saturn II is near impossible.

Dr. Karl Wissenschaft is out to destroy everything and everyone in Spire City. To stop him, Greg’s death wish becomes his mission: killing the doctor before the city perishes.

Pseudo-science, magic, zeppelins, cyborgs, and zomborgs abound as Johnny Saturn takes to the streets to rid Spire City of the doctor permanently . . . or die trying.

Welcome to the end of the Age of Heroes.

Welcome to the rise of the new metaheroes that come after that.

Welcome to Homeland Insecurity.

This graphic novel also contains the bonus, in-continuity novelette, Being Johnny Saturn.


Johnny Saturn.

It’s ancient mythology with modern-day superheroes in the Midwest.

Enter a world of high-flying trendy metahumans who live like celebrities, while beneath the skies lurks a shadowy, back-alley realm where mystery men, who only rely on their fists and wits, wage lonely and violent wars on crime.

Blending horror, conspiracy theory, superheroes, and the paranormal, Johnny Saturn is a comic book series like no other and will ignite your imagination page-to-page.


Another great graphic novel by Scott A. Story and his wife Benita Story.  I really liked the first in the series, and this, the second, continued on right where the first left off.  I like the story-line, the writing and the art.  The author/artist has some serious talent.

A Great Super-Hero / Super-Villan Story

Highly Recommended.

4.5 of 5 Stars (rounds to 5)