I was contacted by the writer of this comic in hopes of a review and potential interview. I received an ARC from the writer.  As I am more than willing to help out Indie Authors/Artists, I agreed, but felt I had to remain honest, as that is the point of this blog.


As this is the #1 issue, you have your basic origins story.  A couple are attacked and the woman is turned into a werewolf by their attacker.  Pretty standard werewolf story.  However, the woman ends up being a police officer decades later and she has someone after her, that she is unaware of.  All this while she is seeking out the man that created her.  There, that is the largest spoiler I’ve ever written.  But since this is the first non-graphic novel, comic I’ve reviewed, I had to start somewhere.

All in all, I liked the story. It was well-written.  The art is different than comics I’ve read in the past, as each artist is unique…or hopes to be.  I like that about this comic.  So, given all that, I’d be inclined to continue reading this comic.  I think it has a bright future.

4 of 5 Stars

Writer/Creator: Luis M. Cruz

Artists: Henry Simon and Miky Ruiz

Letterers: Jorge Medina and Miky Ruiz

Cruzin Comics