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Imagia changed Sam Little. No longer a small, helpless, ten-year old boy, he finds that returning from a world he was never meant to stay in has caused more problems than he ever imagined it could. He is struggling in the real world. With his faithful dog, Titus, he finds himself doing everything possible to hide his power from the world he no longer feels he belongs in. But going back to Imagia, no matter how hard he tries, seems impossible. And more than anything, he misses his best friend and Guardian, Yetews. Then one day, someone quite unexpected meets him and changes his theories forever.

When the two worlds he loves begin to collide, he’s once again faced with decisions that seem all too difficult to make. His power has grown and his peaceful life on Treetop Lane is about to be shaken. Old friends and new must join together to find a way to make things right again.

Imagia is beckoning. Now Sam must choose once more whether or not to answer the call.


Confession – I had the distinct pleasure of being a beta-reader for this book. It’s great.

Author Jessica Williams has a gift.  She can write. Her books are filled with great adventure, wonderful characters and vivid, yet not over the top description.  The Gathering is one such book.  Having read the first in the series, I was very much looking forward to the second book.  And I was not disappointed.

This story follows Sam as he returns to Imagia. That’s all the spoiler you’ll get from this reviewer.  It’s a fast paced story that visits all the friends you were introduced to in the first book, and adds a few more.

The first book was amazing.  It was geared towards a younger reader.  This second book has grown up, just as the main character has.  It is geared towards a slightly older audience, but is still approachable to all ages. Very Well Done!

I strongly recommend this book to any Fantasy lover out there.  You won’t regret the time spend reading this great book.

5 of 5 stars