Peony has a lot to live up to. Daughter of the legendary heroes, Edmond and Daffodil, all they’ve ever wanted for her is a safe life. One as far away from dragons and monsters as possible. But, like a lot of children, that only draws her closer to danger.

When Peony is kidnapped, it seems like her chance at adventure has finally come. But is she ready for it?


Sorcery was another great addition to the Dragons and Magic series by Higgins and Cantan.

As I’ve stated before in my reviews of the other books, I love the idea that the characters in these stories can see their ‘stats’.  Great concept.  This third installment follows the adventure of Peony, the daughter of Edmond and Daffodil.  Never fear, Edmond, Daffodil and Grew are there as well, but they have a different role in this book.  They find out parenting is hard, and getting what you thought you wanted in life may not actually be what you want.

The characters were, once again, very engaging and the story-line was fun to read.  These aren’t ‘heavy’ books.  They are an easy, highly entertaining read.  Once you start them, it’s hard to put them down.  Even though I though the ending of this third book was a bit rushed, I still enjoyed every bit of the it.  I just hope that there are further adventures for the characters.  I’d love to read more about their lives and the world they live in.

Highly Recommended for the Fantasy reader.

4.5 of 5 Stars (Rounds to 5)