This is a new series for my blog.  I hope it is obvious I support Indie Authors and Artists. In this series, I will simply highlight the physical books from Indie Authors I have in my library at home.  I’ve either purchased them, was gifted them by the authors, traded for them with my own books or won them in contests.  

Many of these authors I met through my old Twitter account (it’s dead now) or on the amazing Facebook group The Dragon’s Rocketship.  I miss them all, since I’ve quit FB too.

So, here it is.  The forth installment.


Author Misha Burnett

I say this without a moment of hesitation, Misha is one of my favorite authors.  I’ve read a lot of Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror over the years, but his Book of Lost Doors series is something all-together different. Once started, you can’t put them down.  And not only is he a great author, he’s a pretty nice guy too!

Check out his blog here.