This is a new series for my blog.  I hope it is obvious I support Indie Authors and Artists. In this series, I will simply highlight the physical books from Indie Authors I have in my library at home.  I’ve either purchased them, was gifted them by the authors, traded for them with my own books or won them in contests.  

Many of these authors I met through my old Twitter account (it’s dead now) or on the amazing Facebook group The Dragon’s Rocketship.  I miss them all, since I’ve quit FB too.

So, here it is.  The fifth installment.


Author Hans Cummings

Hans is a true Indy author…or should I say an Indy Indie Author.  I’ve met Hans in person, as he lives in the same town (Indianapolis-ish, it’s a big area) as I do.  Really nice guy.  I originally met he and his wife via the Dragon’s Rocketship FB page.  He and I have swapped books, and I’ve been fortunate enough to beta-read the last two books in the series above.  He also writes Sci-Fi.  You should really check his stuff out.  I’ve reviewed all the books above, but most were in my old blog site.  I did salvage one.  It can be read here.