From the award-winning author of the World of Calliome and Zack Jackson novels comes a short story from the universe of Seven Galaxies!

Far from Aelfar space, former breeding slaves like Gamma can make a life for themselves away from their oppressors. An engineer on the human-run freighter StarKnight, she looks forward to her upcoming shore leave.

The Pleasure Pools of Persiphia prove more than Gamma expects. What dark secrets does she uncover, and what will it mean for the inhabitants of the Seven Galaxies?


There isn’t anything that I’ve read, written by Hans Cummings that I didn’t like.  That list of books now includes the short story The Pleasure Pools of Persiphia.  It’s a very interesting, quick hitting short story.  You are plunged right in, as it’s filled with interesting characters, and a story-line that draws you in.

Just like the story, my review is quick and to the point.  Good story.  Great cover too.

Highly recommended for the Sci-Fi aficionado.

4.5 of 5 Stars