This is a very short story I wrote yesterday.  This one woke me up in the middle of the night.  I had to email myself so I’d remember it. Not really scary, so to speak, but interesting. Hope you like it.


The sound of cracking wood and shattering window panes woke Clarabelle from her slumber.  These were not the normal sounds heard when visitors came to call.  Smoothing out her dress, she moved herself into just the right position to be seen when whoever it was entered the room.  She was desperately lonely, and was surprised at how excited she was at the prospect of a visitor.

As the rumbling in the other rooms continued, Clarabelle thought on her life and how she had gotten into this state.  You see, Clarabelle was a doll, but not just any doll.  She was a possessed doll.  Yes, just like Annabelle, the other possessed doll.  Just the thought of her hated cousin made her mad.  Annabelle got all the press; she was the famous possessed doll.  No one had ever heard of Clarabelle the possessed doll.  When people thought of Clarabelle, they thought of that damn cow from Disney©.

Clarabelle thought back on her memories of all the years she’d waited in this abandoned home, hoping for another family to come live there.  Her last owner hadn’t stayed long.  Clarabelle was, in her opinion, a very good creepy doll.  She’d move her head just so, and blink eyes at just the right time, to scare the living daylights out of her owner.  But something had gone wrong with her last owner.  For some reason, it appeared that the children were growing bolder, more wise to the world around them.  They just didn’t scare as much as they used to.  She had even been forced to sit through a movie about her cousin; that had been one of the low points of Clarabelle’s career as a possessed doll.  So, when the family had left, they simply abandoned her with the home.

A shaft of light broke through the closed bedroom door, but it was not at all what Clarabelle had expected.  A huge metallic tooth crushed the doorway, frame and all, allowing Clarabelle her first view of the outside world in a long time.  Though possessed, she wasn’t tall enough to reach the door knob; possession had it’s limits.  The huge yellow and silver machine stopped it’s forward progress through the wall of the room.  A door opened, and a grown man hopped out of the cab.  No, not at all what Clarabelle had expected.

Usually, her visitors had been teenagers entering the house on a dare.  It had been great fun scaring them over the years, but she had always hoped for a new owner; someone to call her own.  And as the man approached, she felt her hopes being dashed once again.

“What do we have here?” said the man to himself.

“Why’d you stop Max?” yelled another man from outside, barely audible over the roar of the heavy machinery.

“I found something in here Frank.  I wanted to check it out.”

“Get back to work Max. We’re behind schedule as it is.”

“Alright, alright, but I’m not leaving this beauty behind.”

Clarabelle was shocked.  He was talking about her.  He had actually said she was a beauty.  Her spirits soared as a new hope arose within.  Maybe he had a daughter at home.  Maybe she would finally get what she wanted; a new home.

The man tossed her in the back of the cab and continued to demolish the last home Clarabelle had known.  That was okay.  He had called her a beauty.  She’d have a place of honor in his home for sure.  But when the man was done, he loaded the large back hoe on the back of a semi-trailer and grabbed Clarabelle.  But instead of putting her in the cab of the truck, he walked to the front and, using heavy duty tie wires, strapped her to the front of the truck grill.

“Why do you do that to those poor dolls Max?” asked Frank.

“Because I like them.  Heck, they get to see the world this way,” responded Max with an evil laugh.

As Max climbed up into the cab, Clarabelle turned her head, just slightly, and saw that she was not the only doll on the truck grill.  There were at least three others tied up, covered in bug guts.  At first, Clarabelle was very disappointed, but as the truck rolled down the road, a smile came to her lips.  Her new owner Max was right.  It was definitely a way to see the world, and the world had changed a lot in the last few decades.  And it wasn’t really so bad, except for the bugs.  Those weren’t that fun.