Here is some unsolicited promotion. I know a couple of the folks involved in these fine stories via the inter-web. Good people. Good authors.  Inklings Press has a high standard for their collections, and now they are finally putting their story into a paperback. I’ve got mine pre- ordered!

Give them some love, and check out what they do.


Inklings Press is pleased to release its first paperback publication, Tales from the Tower: The Collected Stories from Year One.

Tales from the Tower collects Inklings Press’ first release Tales from the Tavern, an anthology focusing on fantasy, and second release Tales from the Mists, an anthology of horror. First came fantasy, then came fear. Now both anthologies are available in one paperback collection. Catch the start of the Inklings Press revolution — ten tales from the authors who started it all.

Inklings Press expects paperback versions of all its anthologies to be available soon. Look for announcements for your favorite anthology, or collect them all: Tales from the Universe, Tales from Alternate Earths, Tales of Wonder, and the upcoming Tales from the Underground.

Tales from the Tower can be found exclusively through Amazon. When you purchase the paperback, you’ll also receive the e-book free of charge. So, send us pics of you holding your copy and let’s see where in the world you take us!