A great short about an important character in the Imagia series. Give it a read.

Through The Gateway

Crystal Blue

This is set a few years before “The Gateway to Imagia: The Tale of Sam Little”.  As a mother figure for Sam, Keesa never shared much of her story to save him the pain. Though I didn’t realize she would have such an impact, she seems to be a bit of a fan favorite. So, why not give her the story she deserves?

The forest was a blur around her as she ran. She had reached her top speed some time ago and her lungs were burning. She’d grown up in the forests of Imagia. The very earth her claws dug into was almost one with her as she made her way through the wild paths. Any kupa cat could navigate the forest in their sleep on most days. Of course, most days they didn’t have to run for their lives.

* * * * * * *…

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