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Through The Gateway


Keesa opened her eyes to bright sun. She groaned as she moved. Every single muscle in her body screamed and the cut she suffered was throbbing. She blinked, trying to focus to the light. When she finally adjusted, she gasped at what she saw. Her attacker was staring at her a few feet away. His tail was twitching and he was scowling. Unsure what to say or do, she decided to sit up. She managed to do so without wincing visibly. Then she looked around nervously, certain that the seeker hounds would be there as well.

Realizing that they were, in fact, still alone, she decided that she needed to speak. She cleared her throat, “Um…are you alright?”

He continued to stare ominously.

The silence was uncomfortable and frightened her. “I think you hit your head. You nearly drowned as well.” When he didn’t speak yet again, she took a…

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