In the future, Happiness can no longer be achieved through natural means, but must be purchased from the government for brief 20-minute increments.

And the price is going up.

One man documents his experience as he uncovers a conspiracy by the governing elite. Those who are ALWAYS happy. But he will soon discover that the cost of real Happiness may be far worse than living perpetually in the dark.

Told through blog-post entries, this non-traditional novella explores a world where darkness and misery are the norm. An allegory for living with depression, this story will open your eyes to the millions lost in darkness around you, and may prepare you for a future that is all too likely to come.



And I have no idea what I just read.  Happiness is a Commodity is one of those books you just have to read for yourself.  I can’t even fully describe it.  The author might be using this book as a metaphor to address the social ills of the world we live in, as depicted through the main character of the story. Or it may be something completely different.

It’s dark. It’s deep.  It’s brilliantly written.  I have been a fan of the author for a while now, but this book sort of leaves me speechless.  It was that good…and I don’t know why.  You really just need to read it.  And make sure to read the Author’s Notes at the end.  It sort of wraps it all up for you.

Very Highly Recommended

5 of 5 Stars

Oh, and as requested by the Author…

  • My God and My Family