I am not a poet. I’m a bit too twisted in the head for that sort of stuff, really.  But I haven’t been posting much, so I figured…what the heck?  I have a lot of short poems that I write when I’m bored.  I will be posting them here from time to time.

This one was for my youngest daughter.

Dancing Unicorns

Fat little unicorns danced through her head

Our sleepy little princess had nothing to dread

The dragons were caged and had recently been fed

While fat little unicorns danced through her head


Happy little unicorns pranced all around

Up over the troll bridge making the happiest of sound

With a wave of his hand, they’re sent on their way

To the Enchanted Forest is where they will play


As they ran through the fields, the Fairies came out

To tickle their tummies, and under their snout

The unicorns, they love to play with their friends

They hope that this night never has to end