Awesome. Another short that feeds the Imagia storyline.

Through The Gateway


When writing the first book, I had a difficult time consistently wondering how Sam’s parents were handling his disappearance. As a parent of a ten-year old, I can only imagine the horrific things going through their minds and I empathized with them. It sounds silly, as they are indeed fictional characters. This story is set during the first book in the real world as we discover what happens to those on the outside who lose a child to Imagia.

“I’m very sorry, Mrs. Little. I wish there was more we could do, but I’m the only detective on the case. And as it stands, there are only two in the tri-county area with any experience in these situations.” The officer that sat across from Sarah and George Little looked worn as he tried to answer the same questions for the umpteenth time. He’d spent a lot of time on…

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