I admit it. I am terrible at self-promotion.  I have this blog, which I’m pretty darn proud of, and I try not to toot my own horn too much.  And my book sales shows that.  Yeah, if you didn’t know, I write books too.

So, when an idea hit me to help self-promote, I figured I’d share it…even if you all probably do it already.  I found this site for creating QSR codes.  It’s free, and the codes work.  Now, what am I going to do with this information?

I’ll tell you.  I have 5 books available, and I’ve had a few printed off.  I am creating clear stickers with the QSR code for my blog and for my Author Page on Amazon on it.  I’m going to place these stickers in my books that have already been printed.  In that way, if someone opens up my book, they see a usable link.  They scan in and realize I have other books out there for sale.  In addition, for my next book (yeah, I finished another and hope to release it soon), I’ll actually put the QSR code in the front of the book.  Another ready link.

I’m not that quick when it comes to all this fancy new technology, but when I find something I think I can use, I share it.  Hope this helps you out in some way.


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