Another great prequel to the Imagia series.

Through The Gateway

(Sorry for the delay on Part 2. Life got a bit hectic around here. But onward we go…)

Rusty was sitting at his desk, pouring over paperwork that he’d put off for far too long. It was early in the morning. Earlier than he preferred, but he’d kissed his wife goodbye before the sun rose. She was still sleeping and he told her that he had work to get done. Now he was at work, sipping away at his third cup of coffee. He was mid-sip when the phone rang, startling him. He hadn’t expected it so early in the morning. He burned his tongue on the coffee and it dripped down his chin onto his tie.

He picked up the phone as he grabbed a tissue to sop up the coffee and answered, a bit frustrated. “Detective Shaw.”

“Hey Rusty. Sorry to bother you so early, but we have…

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