I LOVE books. I am a collector.  Especially hardcover books.  I really like old books, for some reason.  They have character…even used ones.

Well, this past weekend I drove by the local library and a sign was out front stating they were having a Friends of the Library Book Sale, so I did a quick u-turn and headed in.  There was your typical collection of donated items: lots of Dan Brown novels, self-help novels and plenty of tattered romance novels.  But, I noticed the above gems on the top shelf.  They stared out at me, longingly.

Aren’t they beautiful?  Sure, they’re a bit worn, but they have hidden treasures in them. This is where some of you would cringe, but I think it added character.  These were owned by the same woman.  Her name is written on the top, across the ends of the page, as well as inside the cover.  Her hand-writing is immaculate…a forgotten art form, really.  But not only that, in the Shakespeare book, by the cast of characters, she has written in names next to each character.  To me, this means she was casting the play with students or friends.  There is so much history in that little book.

I love a well-used, well-loved book. Don’t you?