Spoilers,but seriously, you’ve probably already seen it.


Wolverine is, and has always been, my favorite Marvel character.  Knowing what was coming in this movie made me not want to see it.  And then I also heard it was violent; worse than other Marvel movies. Not one for unnecessary graphic violence, that put me off too.  But my daughter got a copy of it for me (for her) for Father’s Day.  So I forced myself to watch it…finally.

Logan, loosely based on the comic/graphic novel Old Man Logan, was everything I was told and more.  It was very graphic, with lots of adamantium claws shoved through the brains of not so innocent victims.  There was a whole ton of swearing; lots of F-bombs from Hugh Jackman, as well as Patrick Stewart.  So yeah, not your average Marvel movie.  More like Deadpool.

Logan dies, Professor X dies, everybody dies…except the kids, which is good.  So are still a new crew of mutants out there.

I both loved and hated this movie.  It is either the best, or the worst Marvel movie to date. Seeing Wolverine/Logan so broken and, well, old, was painful to this fan.  And knowing that he could barely regenerate…well it sucked.  But, there were redemptive qualities that Logan exhibited near the end.  It really made his sacrifice meaningful.

So yeah, I hated it and loved it.  I would watch it again, but it’s definitely not a movie that will have a Logan-Weekend on ABC Family (or whatever they call themselves now).  I won’t be watching it every holiday.  It’s really depressing, but very well made.

If you love Marvel and Wolverine, you owe it to yourself to watch it, even though the ending really sucks.

4.5 of 5 Stars