So, life happens. And if I’m being honest, I forget things, or I’m just not in a rush to get things done sometimes.

This blog, which I enjoy writing, takes a bit of time. Time is a precious commodity.  I usually try to do my blogging during my lunch hour, and it competes with other things, such as eating, actually writing, surfing the internet, and, oh yeah, co-workers that just won’t let me have a moments peace.  So sometimes I don’t get around to things right away.

Additionally, I’m not always the quickest person to rush out and see the newest movie.  So what does this all mean?

I am creating a new series on my blog called Past Due Review.  If I finally see a movie everyone has already seen, you may see my post my opinion on this platform.  Or, if I listen to some old album that I think is highly underrated and I feel like expressing my opinion…here it will be.

Basically I feel like exposing you to my opinion, no matter out outdated or no longer relevant it may be.

Lucky you.

More to come.