Wow, moving jobs can take a lot out of you…especially time.

I have now moved on to my third “Major” career move since I started acting like an adult some 25+ years ago.  I’m back in my home state of Michigan, and hope to work here long enough to retire.

That being said, there is so much to learn and do at this new job, I have a feeling my writing career is dying, if not completely over.  I have the third book of my Guiding Council series with beta-readers, and the cover art is coming along.  But after that???

Only time will tell.  I still plan on supporting Indie Authors with this blog, as time allows.  And I have a new review to write one of these days, but for now, posts may be a bit lacking for a few weeks.

Take care, keep reading and keep supporting you Local Artistic Community!

Writers, Artists, Musicians need your support…really!