Meet the Crotchets, the quintessential American family; so perfect, that complete strangers decide to learn from them … at gunpoint. But these psychotic kidnappers offer no motive; want no ransom. They are here only to ‘observe.’
What begins as a harmless experiment soon escalates into a maddening descent as the very definition of “family” is torn asunder. As the Crotchets fight for their lives, they’ll learn the consequences for both action and inaction are more frightening than they could imagine.
But while these home invaders may not be what they at first present, the Crotchets harbor secrets far darker — and more dangerous — than these kidnappers might be prepared for.
This is yet another amazing book from a highly talented author, The Behrg.  Housebroken was a bit of horror wrapped in a whole lot of suspense.  Full of twists and turns, even after reading it, I have a hard time wrapping my mind around what I just read.
Twisted characters tormenting their victims mentally, physically and emotionally; this one is not for the squeamish.  Housebroken was very well-written.  The characters had depth. The story-line was interesting, to the point of me not wanting to stop reading, even when I needed to get other things done.  As I read it, I continually put myself in the main characters, Blake Crotchet, place.  What would I have done if put into that situation?  Would I have acted differently?  How far can I be pushed?  To me, that makes for a good book.
Deep topics from a deep author.  Very well done.
5 of 5 Stars