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Misha Burnett

I seem to be less a writer and more of a philosopher of fiction.  Most of my stories are written as experiments, to see what happens when a particular story is changed in some fundamental way. The end goal is still to create an enjoyable and moving story and to engage my readers, but I tend to approach the issue sideways. In my series, The Book Of Lost Doors, ( I tried to subvert as many tropes of classic science fiction and fantasy as I could, while still telling a compelling story.  From my reviews, I seem to have at least partially succeeded in that. I enjoying pushing the envelope of fiction and encouraging other writers to do the same.  I am happy to be able to say that I have created my own sub-genre–Eldritch Fantasy, which is a mashup of Lovecraftian Horror and Sword And Sorcery Fantasy,set in an imagined Earth of millions of years in the past.  The magazine Cirsova recently had an Eldritch Earth issue ( specifically dedicated to that sub-genre. I have also recently worked to put together an upcoming collection of 21st Century Pulp Adventure–stories told in the classic Pulp style, but set in the modern day.  I’m really looking forward to getting that project out. In general, I am a tinkerer, most of my inventions don’t work, but the ones that do give me a lot of pleasure, if not much money

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