Lurking In The Shadows

Honest reviews for whatever I want to review.



It took me quite awhile to decide to do this again. Still not sure I want to, but here it is. I like to write reviews. Nothing else. I really don’t like social media, not one little bit. But I am a sucker for Indie Artists. So I support them by writing reviews. Usually for books, sometime for music.  Art? Sure, but I’m no expert.

I may write a review for a movie I’ve seen, or a ‘mainstream author’.  Or, I may include an interview with Indie Artists.  But hey, it’s my blog, I’ll do what I want with it. So,deal with it.

So I will remain in the shadows. Some of you may know who I am. That’s okay, but I prefer to remain ‘unknown’.  If you like this blog, great. If not, ignore it.

Contact me if you’d like!