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Jen Ponce

Guest Blog: Jen Ponce

Jen Ponce, one of my favorite Indie Authors, has stopped by to talk about her new book, Burning the Devil.

Welcome to the blog Jen!

Hello! My name is Jen Ponce and I write about the things that go bump in the night and the women who kick the asses of those things. My female characters aren’t always physically tough, but they’re emotionally or mentally tough enough to kill bad guys with their minds. Check out my Kickass Woman’s Manifesto for more on what I think about strong women!


Is that weird?

I’m here to talk a little about my newest story, a psychological horror story called Burning the Devil.

This book started as a dream, as my books often do. This was a bit unusual as I dreamt what I thought was the whole story from beginning to end. It was compelling and I couldn’t stop thinking about it … but when I tried to write it, I realized I didn’t have an ending.

Fast forward six years later when I worked on it for almost all of 2016. The toil was worth it–I found my ending. It wasn’t anything I’d imagined, but it fit and I hope it takes you to dark and chilling places as it does my main character.

What’s the story about?

To get the good, you’ve got to pay.

Mechanic Gwen Colburn knows this better than most, so when charismatic megastar Neo Tucker walks into her life, she doesn’t trust the glitter of admiration in his eyes or the sweet words on his lips. It’s only when a demonic killer from her past begins to stalk her and the bodies pile up that she realizes he’s the only sane thing left for her to hold onto.

Rumors of supernatural murders have dogged Neo ever since he became famous but it wasn’t until he met Gwen that it mattered. She’s the one he’s been waiting for all his life and all he has to do is help her learn to trust him. Too bad someone close to him wants to make sure he never gets the chance to find out just how perfect she is.
Gwen and Neo must fight to get what they desire most. The only question is whether either of them will live long enough to enjoy it.

Don’t forget–I’m a tricksy devil.

Things in the story aren’t always what they seem.

About the Author

Jen lives in the Panhandle of Nebraska, with her boys, her cats, her goldfish Reggie and a large supply of books that help insulate the house in the winter and expand her mind.

She loves connecting on Twitter and Facebook. Visit to figure out how to do all of the above.

Jen. Writer of kick ass women and oogy monsters.


My Indie Book Collection…Part 3

This is a new series for my blog.  I hope it is obvious I support Indie Authors and Artists. In this series, I will simply highlight the physical books from Indie Authors I have in my library at home.  I’ve either purchased them, was gifted them by the authors, traded for them with my own books or won them in contests.  

Many of these authors I met through my old Twitter account (it’s dead now) or on the amazing Facebook group The Dragon’s Rocketship.  I miss them all, since I’ve quit FB too.

So, here it is.  The third installment.


Author Jen Ponce

I met Jen through the Dragon’s Rocketship and have kept in touch with her ever since.  She is a great author, has VERY strong female lead characters, and a weird fascination with spiders.  You’ll see that if you read her books…which you should.

Come on Jen, hurry up with the 5th Devany Miller book!!!


Review: Bug Queen by Jen Ponce



A small town with an alien secret buried in its foundation.
A mysterious box willed to an unsuspecting niece.
An insidious parasite with only one goal: to infest and destroy all life on Earth.
One woman with unwanted power and an entire planet to save.“Do not risk the life of your planet on wishful thinking. The infected must die.”Vedalia Kirkaldy is deathly afraid of bugs, which makes the scarab-topped box her uncle leaves for her to find very strange indeed. But it isn’t what’s on the box but what’s in it: an alien creature that wants to help Vedalia save her world from the parasitic invader bent on starting the apocalypse.Sabra Dempsey’s job is to protect and serve but when she meets Vedalia, she finds herself longing to do more than just guard her from harm. What could be the start of a great new relationship is interrupted by the meteor than crashes into a bean field and unleashes the beginning of the end of the world.

Together, Vedalia and Sabra fight to save the town from being overrun by an insidious parasite that spreads faster than they realize. Either they root out and eradicate every bit of the threat or watch as the fungus turns humanity into alien zombies.



Already a fan of author Jen Ponce, this book did not disappoint. This truly imaginative tale of bugs and fungus is led by Vedalia, an exceptionally well written character who ends up being much stronger than even she thought possible. Ponce is known for writing amazing female characters, and this shows through with not only Vedalia, but with a host of female supportive characters such as Sabra, Cypress and Mildred. Add in a very believable bad guy named Brent, and you’ve got a winning combination.

This book would not let me put it down. A mix of Urban Fantasy and a smidge of Science Fiction, this book will not disappoint. Highly recommended.

4.5 of 5 Stars (rounds to 5)

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